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Jube-ious team members

The crew who bring it all to life

Jim Junkee

Position: Founder, Creator and CEO. Chief of Design and Head Mechanic.
Strengths: A keen eye for style and a knack for keeping one step ahead of the competition at all times.
Favourite Pastimes: Cruisin', watchin' footy and designin' fixie bikes.

Wanna chat?: jim@jubecustoms.com.au


Position: Quality Control Officer and Warehouse Storeman.Loyal Member of AWTU (Australian Working Turtles Union).
Strengths: Reliable, dependable and always loyal. Has an eagle eye for quality when it counts.
Favourite Pastimes: "Pass the Pigs", greyhound racing

Monkey Djinn

Position: Assistant Mechanic and resident Grease Monkey! He unpacks the cartons and whacks the bikes together.
Strengths: Charismatic, artistic, crafty and excellent on the tools. Loves to get down and dirty (when he's not in the Warehouse!)
Favourite Pastimes: Hiding Crank's lunch, graphic design and drinking lattes with his mates.

Sir Charles GroPer

Position: Mascot to the Jube Customs StrEEt CruisEr and head of product distribution.
Strengths: Big and robust from the North, Charles has been know to inflate a 24 x 4.25 rubber in under 10 seconds with a hand pump. His brutally handsome all round good looks are a perfect match when he's out proudly promoting JiM's StrEEt CruisEr.
Favourite Pastimes: Sailing, shucking and foreign languages.


Position: Patron to JiM's "One of One - Rare As - Chooks Tooth" range of FixiE's & StrEEt CruisErs.
Strengths: Widely connected throughout a multitude of creative industries, with many influential contacts where it counts.
Favourite Pastimes: Appearing in toothpaste commercials.


Position: Head of Warehouse tunes and the JC Social Committee. Chief of prototype testing.
Strengths: Freestyle legend and Karaoke king.
Favourite Pastimes: Plays bass in a metal band, competition BMX, tattooing and welding.



Jube Customs in West End create highly groomed works of bicycle art, fit for both the eco-conscious cycler and avid bike polo player.

The Weekend Edition

Questa bicicletta e proprio stipend, il tricolour! (This bike is just wonderful!)

Gabby (Facebook)