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Jube-ious team members

The crew who bring it all to life


The mega talented dudes in Newstead who created and built our wicked website!



The craaaazy dudes who design all our bike decals, graphics, logos and continue to help bring JUBE to life!



Old mate Roddy who provided us with our start up HQ, and who still provide ThE best-est motorcycle apparel on the planet!


Tito G

Our resident chilled custom graphics artEEst who creates all the Rare As decals!

Northside Powdercoaters

Big D and the lads - master powdercoaters for JUBE'S Rare As range since 2010!


If you's are gonna ride JUBE then Al and the troops guarantee to complete ya rocK stAr look to the ultra maximum-ness!




There was something in the DNA of this bike that felt right to me. The reach to the bars was comfortably low, the bike looked good and the ride was tight, fun and kept drawing you back for more. I found excuses to get on this bike. It'll be a bike I'm genuinely sad to return.

James - Single Speed Gold Coast


You'll be pleased to know that my fixie arrived today. I have to say it is one fabulous bike, with an amazingly smooth ride to go along with the retro stylings. Just wanted to thank you guys for all your great customer support aswell as the sweet deal for me. If I ever need another fixie' i will know where to come.

Until then, many thanks,