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Jube-ious team members

The crew who bring it all to life

Jim Junkee

Position: Founder, Creator and CEO. Chief of Design and Head Mechanic.
Strengths: A keen eye for style and a knack for keeping one step ahead of the competition at all times.
Favourite Pastimes: Cruisin', watchin' footy and designin' fixie bikes.

Wanna chat?: jim@jubecustoms.com.au


Position: Quality Control Officer and Warehouse Storeman.Loyal Member of AWTU (Australian Working Turtles Union).
Strengths: Reliable, dependable and always loyal. Has an eagle eye for quality when it counts.
Favourite Pastimes: "Pass the Pigs", greyhound racing

Monkey Djinn

Position: Assistant Mechanic and resident Grease Monkey! He unpacks the cartons and whacks the bikes together.
Strengths: Charismatic, artistic, crafty and excellent on the tools. Loves to get down and dirty (when he's not in the Warehouse!)
Favourite Pastimes: Hiding Crank's lunch, graphic design and drinking lattes with his mates.

Sir Charles GroPer

Position: Mascot to the Jube Customs StrEEt CruisEr and head of product distribution.
Strengths: Big and robust from the North, Charles has been know to inflate a 24 x 4.25 rubber in under 10 seconds with a hand pump. His brutally handsome all round good looks are a perfect match when he's out proudly promoting JiM's StrEEt CruisEr.
Favourite Pastimes: Sailing, shucking and foreign languages.


Position: Patron to JiM's "One of One - Rare As - Chooks Tooth" range of FixiE's & StrEEt CruisErs.
Strengths: Widely connected throughout a multitude of creative industries, with many influential contacts where it counts.
Favourite Pastimes: Appearing in toothpaste commercials.


Position: Head of Warehouse tunes and the JC Social Committee. Chief of prototype testing.
Strengths: Freestyle legend and Karaoke king.
Favourite Pastimes: Plays bass in a metal band, competition BMX, tattooing and welding.



This is the tastiest bike to come out of Australia.

Live By Design

From Jube Customs, custom fixed gear and single speed bikes with a twist

Moco Loco