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Where are we located?
HousE oF JunkEe:
Warehouse 8, 38 Bishop Street, Kelvin Grove Qld 4059 Australia

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Mon - Fri 10am - 3pm (Saturday by appointment - Closed Public Holidays)

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Email: jim@jubecustoms.com.au

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Phone: 61 (0) 412 652 887

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Facebook: www.facebook.com/jubecustoms
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You'll be pleased to know that my fixie arrived today. I have to say it is one fabulous bike, with an amazingly smooth ride to go along with the retro stylings. Just wanted to thank you guys for all your great customer support aswell as the sweet deal for me. If I ever need another fixie' i will know where to come.

Until then, many thanks,


Just bought a orang tang fixie from these guys off ebay and it is soooooo smoooth. Im not just talking about the ride here, its just soo classy. The drop down handle bars, the minimalist looks and the two tone wheels/tires make is something thats just soo prettyyyyy. The people there are just so helpful as well (i got a free tshirt!). Seriously, buy one of these before one of your friends gets the colour your eyeing!!!