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Hi, I'm Jim

…welcome to JUBE CUSTOMS!

My team and I are urban artists and creative engineers who custom design fixed gear and single speed bikes that are unique, reflect your personality and of course, are mega fully sic! Our bikes are inspired by iconic rides from the 70s and 80s - featuring a mix of super fat rims, customised graphics and retro paint jobs. And here's the kicker - the end result is a BRAND NEW QUALITY CUSTOM BIKE AT A WHOLESALE PRICE! Mix it all together with creative clothing and accessories, and you get JUBE CUSTOMS.

We're proud of what we create. We personally visit our international manufacturers for quality control, and each JUBE CUSTOMS bike is backed with a limited lifetime warranty on frames and forks. We keep the cost down by selling direct to you - none of our fixie or single speed bikes are sold or distributed to retailers or department stores. Nice!

When you order your JUBE CUSTOMS bike online, delivery is by Courier to your door 85% assembled in a mighty cool box. The rest is easy! Or you can choose to ride, try and buy any of our fixed gear bicycles, single speed bikes, apparel and accessories from my HousE oF JunkEe store located on Warehouse 8, 38 Bishop Street, Kelvin Grove Qld 4059 Australia. You can even pick up your new ride fully assembled at no extra cost. So why not come in and check us out?



Cheers, Jim






Hey Jim, just took your fixie out for a spin, AMAZING STUFF, great for some speed!, Thanks for your genius with the world!!! FB NOV 2011

Pat (Facebook)

Just bought a orang tang fixie from these guys off ebay and it is soooooo smoooth. Im not just talking about the ride here, its just soo classy. The drop down handle bars, the minimalist looks and the two tone wheels/tires make is something thats just soo prettyyyyy. The people there are just so helpful as well (i got a free tshirt!). Seriously, buy one of these before one of your friends gets the colour your eyeing!!!